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Policies, Terms, and Benny's Law



    1. Donation: any asset, including any monetary amount, gifted by a Donor to Nassau County SPCA, by means of electronic authorization through the website of Nassau County SPCA or otherwise.

    2. Donor: a natural or legal person who donates, has donated or will donate a Donation to Nassau County SPCA.


    1. These General Terms and Conditions apply to every Donation.

    2. By making a Donation, the Donor agrees with these General Terms and Conditions.

    3. Nassau County SPCA uses the personal data of each Donor to process its Donation. The Privacy and Cookie Notice of Nassau County SPCA applies to the processing of this personal data by Nassau County SPCA.


    1. By making a Donation, a Donor agrees that Nassau County SPCA and any and all (future) subsidiaries and/or affiliates of Nassau County SPCA are entitled to use a Donation at their own discretion, within the scope of the Goal and the articles of association of Nassau County SPCA.

    2. A Donation is irrevocable.

    3. Recurring donations can be cancelled upon request by the Donor, by contacting us through our website.

    4. Nassau County SPCA will provide any Donor with a donation receipt upon request by the Donor.

Terms and Conditions

This website is owned and operated by Nassau County SPCA. These Terms set forth the terms and conditions under which you may use our website and services as offered by us. This website offers visitors information about our charity, a donation platform, and information on how to get involved with our charity. By accessing or using the website of our service, you approve that you have read, understood, and agree to be bound by these Terms.

In order to use our website and/or receive our services, you must be at least 18 years of age, or of the legal age of majority in your jurisdiction, and possess the legal authority, right and freedom to enter into these Terms as a binding agreement. You are not allowed to use this website and/or receive services if doing so is prohibited in your country or under any law or regulation applicable to you.

Benny's Law

The goal of this new law is to prevent further dog attacks by keeping track of potentially dangerous dogs that have a history of attacking other animals. This would also be a measure to protect people from dog attacks. The law would make community members aware of incidents and would make pet owners responsible for protecting their dog and ensuring an attack does not happen again.

If a judge determines that a dog should be considered dangerous, the pet owner would be required to send a letter to property owners within 1000 feet of their home detailing information about the dog, including the breed, weight, age, and color. They would also have to disclose their home address and the date that the previous incident occurred. If the pet owner does not notify their neighbors, the minimum fine would be $500, and an additional $100 fine would be required each day after if the law is not followed.

Privacy Policy

Nassau County SPCA will not share, sell, or trade donor information under any circumstances nor send donor mailings on behalf of other organizations. We use this information to process your payment. We take precautions to protect your information.

You may contact us by clicking here.

Nassau County SPCA

510 Grumman Rd. West

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