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Become a Monthly PAWesome Donor!

Everyday The Nassau County SPCA protects animals from abuse and neglect. Rescuing thousands of animals a year from some of the worst conditions imaginable. But our mission doesn’t stop at rescue, Nassau County SPCA prides itself in making a difference through rehab, adoption and education. Your tax-deductible donation not only helps fight animal cruelty but supports the change necessary to prevent it.

Monthly Donations

With your help, we can continue to make progress and meaningful impacts in the lives of animals.











Nassau County SPCA

How donations

are used

In addition to the care, rehabilitation and placement of abused animals, your donations go towards sponsoring: Rescue Missions (from animal abusers, hoarders, dog fighting, and Puppy Mills), Rewards to collect information that lead to arrests, Disaster Response. and for Urgent Care to provide animals with immediate medical attention and life-saving surgery.

Urgent Care

Rescue Missions

Disaster Response

Rewards for Info

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