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Disaster Response

If you’re not safe then neither is your pet. For current watches, warnings and advisories visit Nassau County OEM.

NC SPCA Disaster Response

3 Steps to Be Prepared

Did you know Nassau County SPCA help shelter, care for and rehab over 500 pets during Super Storm Sandy? No one knows when disaster will strike whether it’s a house fire or a hurricane, there are steps you can take today to keep your pet safe. Our team is trained, equipped and well prepared for natural disasters. NC SPCA’s Pet Safe Program has established a disaster response plan to keep all of Nassau County’s pets sheltered and safe. Inform your community on how to get prepared. Schedule a Pet Safe Program presentation.

Arrange a Safe Haven

Arrange a safe place for your pets to stay in case you need to evacuate.

Emergency Kit

Make an emergency kit that has everything your pet needs in case of disaster.

Important Numbers

It's important to have the right numbers handy during emergency situations.

Donate Today!

Help us continue to make progress and meaningful impacts in the lives of animals. We rely on the help of our volunteers, law enforcement agents, rescue workers, veterinarians, and people like you. With your help, we are able to treat and find permanent homes for animals that have been abandoned, abused or neglected.

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